Some subjects can be explained much better by using an animation. See, for example, how our solutions support smallholder farmers, what the benefits are for cosmetics and apparel supply chains or how the RTRS platform works.

See what options the RTRS platform offers its members

ChainPoint has a proven track record in providing software solutions that help international brands and organisations achieve their sustainability goals. The companies we work for have supply chains covering a range of products from cocoa, nuts and soy to cotton, timber and many more, but they also share the common goals of making their supply chains more sustainable, efficient and resilient.

How training smallholder farmers can improve livelihood and sustainability

70% of all food in the world is produced by smallholder farmers. Nuts, cocoa, cotton and many other commodities come from smallholder farmers. Despite producing so much food, smallholder farmers often don’t have enough food for themselves and their families. If the livelihood of smallholders isn’t sustainable, the supply of their crops won’t be sustainable either. The good news is that smallholder farmers can be trained to become more sustainable.

How to create a sustainable textile supply chain

ChainPoint has a proven track record in providing software solutions that help international brands and organisations active in textile and apparel achieve their sustainability goals. We help companies get answers to their supply chain sustainability questions and give them insight into their entire textile supply chain.

Improving efficiency and sustainability in the cosmetics and personal care industry

Producers of cosmetics and personal care products are under growing pressure. Less raw material availability, unsustainable production, dependence on oil, rising costs, increasing health concerns and investor scrutiny are just some of the issues facing the cosmetics and personal care industry. Ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products are coming under growing scrutiny. ChainPoint helps cosmetics companies to connect their supply chains and make them more visible and transparent.

See how ChainPoint can help you improve your sustainability

A detailed report is available how you can get insight into the sustainability of your Supply Chain. We have defined four steps to focus on when thinking about a sustainability impact dashboard.

How does Rainforest Alliance use ChainPoint?

Rainforest Alliance is an NGO focused on conserving biodeversity and sustainable livelihoods. They use ChainPoint software to certifiy all kinds of products such as bananas, cocoa and coffee.

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