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Implementing sustainability in your supply chain? Come and meet us at the 2degrees live event in London, March 6.
March 1, 2015
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New dedicated website for 3S: Securing Sustainable Supply
April 22, 2015

2degrees network Supply Chain Award

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2degrees-logoThe 2degrees network is a network with over 48.000 sustainability professionals, sharing information and working together on improving sustainability in the most broadest sense, ranging from energy consumption, building materials, new products and also improving supply chains.

2degrees award: Supply Chain category

Every year, 2degrees seeks to find the best use cases to highlight the efforts of companies and organisations that strive to improve sustainability. This year ChainPoint also participated and has entered the competition with our 3S Sustainable Cashew Supply Chain use case. Please check out our use case on the 2degrees network awards. Vote for ChainPoint!


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