Webinars & recorded presentations

At ChainPoint we like to share our knowledge and experience in creating sustainable and efficient supply chains. Our software platform enables organisations to gain insight into their supply chains and provides them with the tools they need to improve visibility, collect data and create information needed to make informed decisions. Webinars and recorded presentations can be useful when considering using software to improve your supply chain. Please find below our latest video’s and webinar recordings.


Solutions for the cocoa industry

In this video we introduce ChainPoints solution for the cocoa industry with help from our customer Tony’s Chocolonely. Lean Goedegebuure from Tony’s Chocolonely walks through the entire system what is known as The Beantracker.
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Watch our Fresh.Point introduction video

In this video we introduce the Fresh.Point platform with help from our customer Greenyard Fresh. After that, we will show the add-on Fresh.Point analytics which is a really powerfull tool for further analysis.
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Webinar KPMG: Data management in sustainable supply chains

KPMG and ChainPoint have teamed up to brief you on developments in sustainable supply chains in a cutting edge webinar. Using Supply Chain Sustainability Software will enable companies to manage all data in one place, analysing this data and create insight into the sustainability of their supply chains.
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Webinar: Using training and ICT-solutions to improve smallholder livelihood and sustainable production

In this webiar, Herman uit de Bosch, from FairMatch Support tells how to engage with smallholder farmers and how to employ best on-the-ground practices. Geoff Taylor, from ChainPoint, presents a live software demo which shows how the results of training and improvement programmes can be measured and analysed.
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Sustainability Matters webinar BSR 2017

BSR webinar featuring ChainPoint – Tech Trends in Sustainable Supply Chains: recorded presentation

In this webinar BSR, ChainPoint and DHL talk about trends in technology and their impact in supply chains.
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