Sustainability solutions for any industry

ChainPoint is already active in many supply chains and commodities. From cotton, timber, palm oil up to fruit & vegetables and nuts. Our software platform is capable of handling any commodity or supply chain and is extremely flexible and adaptable. Below some examples of industries we could serve with our advanced solutions.

Software solutions automotive supply chains - ChainPoint

Automotive industry

Control your supplier base, perform online audits, get insight into the sustainability of your inbound supply chain.
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Software solutions electronics supply chains - ChainPoint


Are our suppliers working according to my code of conduct and are we procuring any conflict minerals or metals?
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Software solutions fish supply chain - ChainPoint

Fishing industry

Manage chain related data such as quality, volumes and origin at the source (aquaculture as well as sea fish) by using mobile technology etc.
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Software solutions pharmaceuticals supply chain - ChainPoint

Pharmaceutical industry

Protect your supply chain from fraud. Ensure the quality and origin of your materials and reduce risks of fraud. Have full traceability across the whole pharma supply chain to chemist / healthcare outlets.
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Software solutions medical supply chain - ChainPoint

(Bio)Plastics industry

Sourcing alternatives for plastics. Make sure the origin of the raw materials is known and it is sustainably sourced.
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Software solutions timber supply chain - ChainPoint

Pulp and paper industry

Register the origin of the raw materials. Manage supplier data, certifications. Ensure that you or your suppliers do not contribute to deforestation.
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Software solutions recycling supply chains - ChainPoint

Recycling industry

Make sure that the recycled materials are truly recycled and do not contain any conflict minerals or metals. Register quality, quantity and origin of materials.
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Software solutions toy supply chain - ChainPoint

Toy industry

Manage not only your tier 1 suppliers, but also tier 2, 3 etc. Ensure your raw materials and semi-finished products comply, are sustainably produced and sourced without child or forced labour.
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