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Software for sustainable food and beverage supply chains

The food industry is under increasing pressure to feed the world. Global food production needs to grow by 60 percent before 2050 to meet the anticipated demand from an increasing world population. Next to that, consumers are demanding ever more insight into the origin of the products they buy. They want to be sure they purchase a product that is produced under sustainable conditions and of excellent quality.

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Take control of your supply chain

The food industry needs to be in control of the entire supply chain, working together with their suppliers to improve yield and quality and to reduce environmental impact.

This way, they can ensure a steady supply of raw materials. This can only be done using advanced software that delivers traceability and visibility

Challenges in sustainable food and beverage supply chains

  • Retaining consumer trust
  • Securing sufficient and future supplies
  • Analysing quality of raw materials and finished products
  • Food security across the supply chain
  • Traceability of raw materials
  • Reducing food waste
  • Reducing impact of overall food production
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Solutions for sustainable food and beverage supply chains

Our solutions used within the food industry cover a wide range of applications from traceability, supplier assessments, residue monitoring and advanced analytics, to an advanced software solution to predict the shelf life of food products. With ChainPoint, companies can gather data across all the stakeholders in the supply chain and turn this data into information that helps towards achieving sustainability goals.

Use cases

Sharing costs and knowledge for food safety

Greenyard Fresh is a worldwide leading supplier of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and fresh logistics. Greenyard Fresh and its partners use ChainPoint to manage the residue monitoring process.

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