Sustainable cocoa for great chocolate

In order to make great chocolate, you need cocoa. Most of this cocoa is grown in West-Africa and South America and Ivory Coast and Ghana are the biggest producers of this commodity. Unfortunately, there are many problems in the cocoa supply chain. Things like child labour, modern slavery and poverty are still huge challenges for companies that use cooca in their products. The modern consumer of chocolate demands chocolate that is produced under fair and sustainable conditions.

Technology is part of the solution

ChainPoint believes that software and technology is part of the solution to give companies insight in so they can ensure that the cocoa a company sources is produced safe, fairly and of excellent quality. With our flexible and scalable software we provide the perfect solution for this problem. In our sustainable cocoa solution video we show, together with our customer Tony’s Chocolonely, how they use the Beantracker, their software platform build by ChainPoint.

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Cocoa sourcing

Use case: Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely’s platform is called the BeanTracker. It was built with ChainPoint technology which realises data collection from the farmer coop to production.

Use case: Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance uses ChainPoint technology to collect data in many supply chains including cocoa, coffee and bananas.

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  • Tony's Chocolonely announces partnership with Albert Heijn December 3, 2018
    ChainPoint's customer Tony's Chocolonely announced a partnership with Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, and Barry Callebaut, the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world. Albert Heijn will be the first partner to source cocoa beans based on Tony Chocolonely’s five sourcing principles. 
  • Where blockchain and slave free chocolate come together August 13, 2018
    Our customer Tony's Chocolonely is known for their mission to make 100% slave free chocolate a reality. They recently implemented a pilot with blockchain technology for traceability in their cocoa supply chain. In this guest blog, you can read about their experiences and conclusions. A must read!
  • Traceability and transparency in the cacao industry November 14, 2017
    A few weeks ago, ChainPoint attended the World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting in Washington DC. At this event we showcased our work we do with our client Tony’s Chocolonely. During this meeting many actors from the cocoa supply chain, farmers, traders, exporters, producers and brand owners, joined the conversation on how to improve the cocoa […]
  • Tony’s Chocolonely introduces “Beantracker” with ChainPoint technology for more transparency in the cocoa industry April 20, 2017
    Chocolate maker Tony's Chocolonely, established to make chocolate 100 percent slave free, is going to cooperate with software provider ChainPoint, located in Arnhem. The "Beantracker" system gives an insight into the whole supply chain of Tony's Chocolonely, from farmer till chocolate bar. The software allows for the location and quantity of the purchased cocoa beans […]
  • The difference between the apparel industry and cocoa when it comes to child labour December 12, 2016
    Child labour is unfortunately endemic in many industries. Two of these industries are, for example, the apparel and cocoa industries. What is striking is that in the apparel business, child labour is a hot and quite widely publicised topic. Consumers are increasingly aware of these issues, and risks to brand reputation are high. But in […]
  • Chocolate, a 'guilty' pleasure? December 1, 2016
    In 2005 a Dutch journalist explored the issue of child labour in the cocoa industry, wishing to see the results of the Harkin Engel protocol which was signed in 2001. He was shocked to find that child labour was still endemic in the cocoa industry. An estimated 1.8 million children are exposed to the worst […]

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